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Understanding your electricity bill

Aug 18, 2023 - FortisAlberta’s role is to deliver electricity to your home, farm or business. We do not own or operate generation or transmission assets and are not involved in the direct sale of electricity. We do own, operate and maintain more than one [...]

$45,000 to boost naturalization and tree planting efforts in Alberta communities

Jul 11, 2023 - At FortisAlberta, we know that building strong communities is essential to creating a sustainable future for all Albertans, and environmental efforts are an important part of that vision. That’s why this year, we awarded 18 municipalities w [...]

We're creating a safer system for you and the places you call home

Jul 11, 2023 - In the aftermath of the recent fires, flooding and severe weather that caused so much damage to Alberta communities, our focus on the safety of Albertans and habitat preservation across our service territory is more important than ever. As [...]

A summer of community when community mattered most

Jun 26, 2023 - Before fall kicks into high gear, we’d like to take a moment to remember the summer of 2023 in Alberta (with all the winters we seem to get here throughout the year, we need to squeeze every drop out of our warmer months!) For us, supporti [...]

FortisAlberta receives Electricity Canada recognition for our Coaldale net zero building

Jun 26, 2023 - FortisAlberta receives Electricity Canada recognition for our Coaldale net zero building. The award celebrates transformational innovations in how electricity is produced, delivered, and consumed, and highlights transformational progress i [...]

A Commitment Spanning Generations: Bringing power to farms, homes and businesses in Alberta since 1909

Jun 23, 2023 - We’ve been known as FortisAlberta for almost 20 years, but our company roots go back more than 100 years where, as Calgary Power, we helped bring electricity to communities across Alberta. [...]

UN Image Contributing to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

May 12, 2023 - FortisAlberta directly contributes to 11 of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development goals. These goals are guiding principles for our work in Alberta, recognizing that tackling climate change goes hand-in-hand with strategies that im [...]

EDA Xperience Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) partnership recognition

Apr 20, 2023 - FortisAlberta is honoured and humbled to be the first utility to have been presented with the Economic Developers Alberta (EDA) P3 of the Year award at their annual Xperience 2023 conference in Kananaskis this past week. [...]

Customer Care Centre Welcome to the FortisAlberta Customer Care Centre

Oct 25, 2022 - At FortisAlberta, we pride ourselves on customer service and our commitment to those we serve, and we focus on exploring the best possible solution to each unique challenge or opportunity. [...]

pole testing Pole Testing in your Neighbourhood

Sep 7, 2022 - So you notice an individual pounding a utility pole in your neighbourhood with a hammer. Now it looks like they’re digging it up and drilling holes into it! Any cause for concern? No – more than likely it’s all part of FortisAlberta’s main [...]

FortisAlberta Control Centre Welcome to the FortisAlberta Control Centre

Aug 11, 2022 - We maintain and monitor a complex distribution system to make sure every single customer receives the electrical power they need safely and reliably. We do this with the help of our centralized Control Centre, which is manned 24/7 in Airdri [...]

Ronald McDonald House Adding Magic to the Ronald McDonald House

Aug 10, 2022 - At the end of 2019, FortisAlberta gave a special donation to the Ronald McDonald House to fund an automated door for the Red Deer facility’s ‘Magic Room’. This room houses toys and gifts for sick kids who are staying at the house. [...]

Environment Grant 2022 2022 Environmental Grant Recipients

Jun 10, 2022 - This year we have awarded 15 communities with Community Naturalization and Tree Planting grants. Through these grants, FortisAlberta seeks to support our municipal customers with developing and improving environmentally friendly programs an [...]

Wildfire Mitigation Wildfire mitigation, prevention and our dedication to safety

May 3, 2022 - No matter where you reside in Alberta, at some point over the past few summers it is likely that smoke from wildfires burning in nearby provinces and states was a noticeable part of your day. [...]

FortisAlberta received electricity Canada’s Sustainable Electricity Company™ Designation FortisAlberta receives Electricity Canada Sustainable Electricity Company™ Designation

Apr 27, 2022 - On April 21, 2022, FortisAlberta was honoured to receive Electricity Canada’s Sustainable Electricity Company™ designation. At an event held in Airdrie, we were joined virtually by Michael Powell, Vice President of Government Relations at E [...]

what we do, where we fit in Alberta’s electricity industry and how our rates are set FortisAlberta’s role as your electric distribution utility: what we do, where we fit in Alberta’s electricity industry and how our rates are set

Apr 25, 2022 - From generation and transmission to distribution and retail. You might wonder where exactly FortisAlberta fits in. We are proud to deliver safe and reliable electricity to our customers’ homes, businesses and farms throughout Alberta. [...]

Service Estimator FortisAlberta Service Estimator

Apr 6, 2022 - The new FortisAlberta Service Estimator is a self-serve tool that allows current and prospective customers to quickly create a high-level estimate for new Farm, Irrigation, Residential and Small General/Commercial services. [...]

Top Employer - 2022 FortisAlberta recognized as one of Alberta’s Top Employers

Feb 10, 2022 - We are excited to be recognized as an Alberta’s Top 75 Employer in 2022. This is the second consecutive year we have been selected. [...]

FCC_DA_Article Image (sized for the blog) FortisAlberta Reaches Milestone with Distributed Automation System

Jan 11, 2022 - With the recent Distributed Automation (DA) system completions in Innisfail, as well as the finalization of our Coaldale and Rocky Mountain House systems, FortisAlberta is proud to announce that as of the end of 2021, we will have reached 3 [...]

Think Before You Dig

Think Before You Dig

Whether you’re gardening, planting a tree or putting up a fence, you can avoid a serious electrical incident by submitting a locate request.

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