Rates and Billing

The delivery of electricity to your home or business is a fully regulated service whether you choose the regulated rate option, or purchase your energy through a competitive retailer.

FortisAlberta is an electricity distribution provider, not a billing company (retailer). Customers in Alberta are free to purchase natural gas services or electricity services from a retailer of their choice. For a list of retailers, visit ucahelps.alberta.ca or call 310-4822 (toll free in Alberta).

Under the regulated service, as an electricity distribution provider that supplies electricity to customers within a specific service area, each year, we apply to the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) for approval of our rates. Rates can change throughout the year. The AUC further explains the industry breakdown here.

There are several rate categories. Your distribution charge depends on which category you fall under. If you have questions about your rate, please call us at 310-WIRE (9473) or 1-866-717-3113.

Understanding Your Electricity Bill

Curious about something on your bill? Click each term to find out more.

Site ID

Your 13-digit "electrical serial number." This number is unique to you, and if we provide your service, it will start with 0040.

Meter number

A six or seven-digit number usually found on your meter's digital display.


The number taken off your meter that we use to calculate the cost of your bill.

Energy charges

The cost of the energy you used during this billing period, measured in cents per kilowatt hour.

Administration charge

A fee to cover the cost of preparing your bill and providing customer service.


An amount indicating a change to your previous meter reading. If you're confused, call 310-WIRE (9473) and we'll go over it with you.

Delivery charges

The regulated cost of delivering your electricity.

Distribution charge

A fee to cover the cost of building, operating and maintaining the electrical distribution system.

Transmission charge

A fee to cover the cost of building, operating and maintaining the power grid.

Rate riders

A temporary credit or charge. If you're not sure why this is here, call 310-WIRE (9473).

Local access fee

A fee charged on behalf of your local government for the land where we construct, maintain and operate electrical distribution systems.


A 5% charge based on your total bill.

Summary of your account


Electricity Calculator

Are you looking to better understand how electricity is used in your home or business? 

Use the electricity calculator to see how usage is impacting your energy costs.

Rate categories

Use this document to learn about our rates.

Download our rate guide

Rates, options and riders

Our riders, transmission and distribution tariffs are approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission and published quarterly.

View our rates, options and riders

Customer guides

Access these documents to help you understand our Customer Terms and Conditions of service.

View our customer guides

Fixed Cost Pricing

Our Fixed Cost Pricing provides peace of mind around cost-certainty and standardization of service.

Learn more about Fixed Cost Pricing

Customer Terms and Conditions

The current Customer Terms and Conditions as approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission are intended to govern the relationship between FortisAlberta and our customers.

View our terms and conditions

Contribution Program

Our Capital Investment Contribution Program can offset your capital costs for new or upgraded services.

Download the program summary

Download the program guide

Regulated Rate Option

The Regulated Rate Option (RRO), which is set each month, is based on short-term market price of electricity.

See the Regulated Rate Option


Our Customer Contribution Schedules (including our Maximum Investment Levels) and Fee Schedule are approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission.

View our Fee Schedules

View our Customer Contribution Schedules

Questions about rates?

What’s a Rider?
What’s the Local Access fee?
What’s a Quarterly Transmission Adjustment Rider (QTAR)?
What’s the A-1 Municipal Assessment Rider?

Can’t find the answer to your question? Submit an inquiry or call us at 310-WIRE (9473) or 1-866-717-3113.


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