Streetlights and Repairs

Streetlights reduce car accidents and discourage crime. We offer energy-efficient streetlights that also reduce light pollution and environmental impact. If you’re curious about the fixtures we choose or options for your municipality, view our Streetlight Catalogue and our LED Lighting Information Sheet.

To learn more about street lighting in municipalities, contact the Stakeholder Relations Manager for your area. 

Streetlight catalogue

Our streetlight catalogue will help you understand our standard street lighting process, as well as what fixture options are available for your municipality.

Download the Streetlight Catalogue

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LED lighting information

Our information sheet answers some frequently asked questions about the LED streetlight options we have available for communities.

Download our information sheet

LED Streetlighting FAQs

Streetlight repairs

Sometimes, streetlights need repairs. You can report a problem online, or call 310-WIRE (9473). We'll send a Power Line Technician to make the repair.

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Power Restoration

Power Restoration

Our process involves restoring power to the greatest number of people, as quickly as possible.

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