Before You Begin

To get started, you first need to complete an online application, so we can estimate the cost of your new or upgraded connection. There are some pieces of information and additional forms you'll need to provide with your application, so please review this list and make sure you have them all:

After we receive your completed application, you'll move into Phase 1. You can review what happens in each phase below. If you've worked with us before on a new service connection, you can go straight to the online application.

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Phase 1

Estimation and Quotation

In this phase, there are five steps that help determine the cost of getting your home, farm or business connected. Click on each step to learn more.

Estimated: Three - Four Weeks

Initiate Request

What You'll Do:

  • Submit an application for new or upgraded service online or by calling 310-WIRE (9473)
  • Make sure you've submitted all supporting documents with your application
  • At this point in time, you can start checking your project status using your request number

What We'll Do:

  • Review your submission, and assign a request number and quotation analyst to your project

Gather Requirements

What You'll Do:

  • Send us any outstanding information as outlined in our follow-up

What We'll Do:

  • Follow up with you via phone and email
  • If you're a rural customer, determine your REA eligibility

Calculate and Quote

What You'll Do:

What We'll Do:

  • Meet you on-site, if necessary
  • Put together an estimate and prepare a quotation package

Issue Your Quote

What You'll Do:

  • Check your e-mail; your quotation package should arrive soon
  • Review your quote letter and supporting documents

What We'll Do:

  • Send out your quotation package

Customer Sign Off

What You'll Do:

  • Send us your signed quote letter
  • If necessary, send us your payment and any outstanding documents
  • Choose your billing company with the Utility Consumer Advocate at UCA helps
  • Call your billing company and provide your Site ID if you want to start the enrolment process early

What We'll Do:

  • Process your acceptance documentation
  • Assign your Site ID and forward it to you

Phase 2

Plan and Design

Delivering safe, reliable service requires planning. In this phase, we lay the groundwork for construction of your electrical infrastructure.

Estimated: Three Weeks

What You'll Do:

  • Meet us on-site to confirm requirements, if necessary
  • Send us any outstanding information, that will help us complete our design
  • Work with us to determine a project completion date

What We'll Do:

  • Assign a designer to your project
  • Review the project scope on-site, if necessary
  • Create a detailed design for your service
  • Work with you to determine the project completion date
  • Submit for permits and approvals, and order material for constructionn

Phase 3

Permits and Approvals

One of the most common causes of schedule delays is the permitting and approval process. During this phase, we'll make sure all of your applications are made ahead of construction, so that your project can be completed on-time.

Estimated: Two - Four Weeks

What You'll Do:

  • Wait for us to secure permits and approvals; check your project status online to see when permits are secured.

What We'll Do:

  • Secure all required permits and approvals
  • Ensure we've budgeted enough time for approvals. Some of these, like municipality or pipeline approvals, can take up to four weeks.

Phase 4


This phase includes all the work that must be completed on-site by us, and by you.

Estimated: Three Weeks

What You'll Do:

  • Complete any necessary site work such as secondary trenching, pre-cast grounding and duct or backfilling
  • Turn your main breaker to the OFF position
  • Attach your electrical permit to the meter base in a plastic bag
  • Grant our crews access to your site

What We'll Do:

  • Visit the site and evaluate its readiness
  • Contact Alberta One-Call to make sure digging locations are marked
  • Schedule our crew
  • Complete construction

Phase 5


You're all ready to go. This is the phase where we turn on the power.

Estimated: Three Days

What You'll Do:

  • If you haven't already, call your billing company and provide your Site ID to enrol your site
  • If you've already enrolled, call your billing company to initiate the process to turn your power on
  • If you have special access instructions, ask your billing company to note them on your order

What We'll Do:

  • Wait for the connection request from your billing company
  • Receive your request and energize your site within three business days

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