When you're ready to begin a project, we're your first point of contact. We work with the construction industry to plan, develop and install electricity infrastructure for commercial and residential projects. You can learn more about the process below and get started online or by calling 310-WIRE (9473).

UEDS Turnkey process

The Underground Electrical Distribution System (UEDS) Turnkey process allows developers of a new subdivision to get all electrical facilities under one contract with FortisAlberta. We’ll complete all work outside the boundaries of the subdivision while developers manage the installation of electrical facilities within their property with the help of our pre-registered consultants and construction contractors.

We pre-register consultants and contractors to ensure a safe installation and energization process. To make it easy, we’ve compiled a list of professionals with subdivision construction experience.

Are you a consultant or construction contractor? Contact our Contractors Service Group to learn more about the pre-registration process.

Streetlights for new subdivisions

If you’re a developer looking for more information on streetlight options in a new subdivision, visit our Streetlight Catalogue.

Download the catalogue

Pre-cast base, grounding and ducting process

The customer installed pre-cast base, grounding and ducting process covers our requirements for designing and installing cable ducts, transformer bases, grounding, and other underground electrical distribution facilities. To ensure a safe installation and energization process, please note that we’ll only accept designs and installations provided by pre-registered consultants and contractors. To make it easy, we’ve compiled a list of professionals with pre-cast construction experience.

This process is applicable when duct is required for padmount services on commercial, industrial, oil and gas, bare land commercial developments and apartment buildings. We will install services for farm, irrigation and rural residential services.
Only pre-registered professionals can perform Pre-cast, grounding and ducting services work with us. If you are a consultant or construction contractor, and would like to apply to be on our pre-registered vendor list, download the application form and directions.

Power quality specifications

If you are a new customer with fluctuating loads, distortion emitting loads or distortion sinking devices, there are certain procedures you must follow when connecting to our network. Download our Power Quality Specifications for more information.

Download the specifications

Hydrovac suppliers

As of January 2019, we no longer keep a list of hydrovac companies that have completed Equipotential Bonding and Grounding training.

All companies performing hydrovac services within one meter of FortisAlberta facilities must have Equipotential Bonding and Grounding certification by operators on site. This training is mandatory, regardless of whether the work is performed on behalf of FortisAlberta or a third-party contractor. Training must be provided by ISN, Detac or Dynamo. No other training facilities/programs will be accepted.

For questions or more information regarding this training, please email

If you have questions regarding completing the training within ISNetworld, please contact the ISN Customer Service Team at (800) 976-1303 or Chat with ISN.

These directories do NOT constitute an endorsement by FortisAlberta of any of the companies listed, nor do these lists indicate that these companies have performed, or are presently performing, work for FortisAlberta.These directories have been compiled by FortisAlberta from information submitted by the companies listed. FortisAlberta cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy of the information used to compile these lists nor does FortisAlberta assume any responsibility whatsoever for any actions that any other party may take based on the information contained herein. In no way do these lists indicate or guarantee the quality, competence or fair dealing of any of the companies listed. Furthermore, inclusion of a company’s name in these directories shall not be used to promote such company, its services or any of its products offered. Any misuse of these directories may result in the withdrawal of such company from these directories.

Service and Metering Guide

New and upgraded services with us must have a meter installed correctly and safely. Before you get connected, read through our Service and Metering Guide to make sure your site meets the requirements.

Download the guide

Think Before You Dig

Think Before You Dig

Whether you’re gardening, planting a tree or putting up a fence, you can avoid a serious electrical incident by submitting a locate request.

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