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Connect and Manage Services

How much will it cost to bring power to a new site?
How do I get a meter installed after construction is completed?
What is a Site ID and where can I find it?
How can I check the status of my project?

Billing and Metering

Will I get an electricity bill from FortisAlberta?
Where can I find my meter number?
How does FortisAlberta read my meter?
How is consumption measured?
What is demand measurement?
Why is the power consumption reading on my meter so high?
What do I do if I suspect power theft?
What are the costs to reduce my Contract Minimum?

Power Outages

I’m a FortisAlberta customer and my power is out. What should I do?
How do you estimate my power restoration time?
Where is my main breaker?
How do I reset my main breaker if it’s located on an outside pole or pedestal?
How do I reset my main breaker if it’s located on an inside breaker panel?
How do I know if this is a planned power outage?
Who do I contact about a streetlight that isn’t working?
How can I protect my home or business from potential damage?

Distributed Generation

Why would I want to generate my own power?
Can I install my own generator and get started?
Can I connect a generator to the FortisAlberta distribution system?
Who do I need to contact about generation?
How much does it cost to connect my generator to FortisAlberta’s network?
Are there any tariff rates?
What do I need to know about developing wind power?
How do I find hosting capacity?
What is Option M?


How does billing work if I generate my own power?
What is MicroGeneration?
How does MicroGeneration work?
Who do I need to contact about MicroGeneration?

Power Quality

What is power quality?
Do you have power quality concerns?
Power Restoration

Power Restoration

Our work restoring power starts before an outage happens. We make sure we have the people and equipment we need on hand.

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