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$45,000 to boost naturalization and tree planting efforts in Alberta communities

Jul 11, 2023, 21:04 PM

At FortisAlberta, we know that building strong communities is essential to creating a sustainable future for all Albertans, and environmental efforts are an important part of that vision. That’s why this year, we awarded 18 municipalities with $2,500 grants toward community naturalization and tree planting projects. Whether it’s planting flower beds downtown or creating a shared vegetable garden, we love seeing the creative ways you care for your communities. Learn more about how you can receive an environmental grant in 2024.

The 2023 Community Naturalization/Tree Planting grant recipients are:   

  • Provost Golf Club to plant trees around the golf course - $2,500
  • Town of Lamont to enhance their recycling program - $2,500
  • Flagstaff County to plant a shelterbelt of trees on the Flagstaff Administrative Building (Sedgewick) - $2,500
  • Town of Westlock to plant trees along Rotary Trail - $2,500
  • Island Lake Historical Society to plant trees at Blue Park - $2,500
  • Hamlet of Fawcett for the beautification of the grounds at their Community Hall - $2,500
  • Telford Community Club to plant trees as part of their playground enhancement project - $2,500
  • Robb Recreation Association to beautify their main boulevard - $2,500
  • Village of Spring Lake to plant trees and shrubs around the Village - $2,500
  • Duchess Community Garden to build enclosed garden beds - $2,500
  • Village of Rosemary to plant trees along the walking trail - $2,500
  • Town of Raymond to plant trees along the walking trail - $2,500
  • Village of Rockyford to plant trees to act as a natural windbreak - $2,500
  • Nathan Haasa Memorial Park (Strathmore) to plant trees at the park - $2,500
  • Town of Nanton to create a community space for visitors and residents - $2,500
  • Town of Sylvan Lake to plant fruit bearing trees in the park - $2,500
  • Town of Bentley to plant Swedish Aspens along 52 Street - $2,500
  • Linn Valley Community Association (Red Dee Country) for their shade enhancement project - $1,250
  • Red Deer County to plant trees and shrubs at the playground - $1,250

Chris Burt, FortisAlberta Stakeholder Relations Manager awards Nick Dunn, Agricultural Fieldman for Flagstaff County, with a $2,500 cheque towards planting a shelterbelt of trees against the Flagstaff Administrative Building.

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