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  • FortisAlberta tests poles to ensure reliability

    Jun 12, 2017, 10:23 AM by Jen Cain
    FortisAlberta is currently conducting pole testing throughout its service territory to ensure reliability for its customers. Maintaining electrical distribution poles and wires in a safe and reliable manner is one of the most important activities FortisAlberta undertakes. It ensures the facilities that transport the electricity to our customers is in good order and that they will continue to deliver reliable service.
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  • FortisAlberta’s windstorm restoration efforts extend to our feathered friends

    Jun 9, 2017, 10:23 AM by Jen Cain
    Thousands of FortisAlberta customers had it bad as a spring windstorm took out power for as long as two days, but there were yet some who had it even worse. On May 24, gale-force winds tore through Red Deer County and left carnage in its path including a bald eagle’s nest, babies and all. Medicine River Wildlife Centre was called in by local residents who have been long-time observers of these majestic birds. While employees of the Wildlife Centre were able to recover and treat the injured fledglings who had fallen out of the damaged nest, they needed help to build a nest that could withstand the elements and provide a stable home for the eagles.
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  • FortisAlberta tests poles to ensure reliability

    Jun 7, 2017, 13:10 PM by Jen Cain
    FortisAlberta, an electricity distribution company dedicated to delivering safe and reliable electricity to the homes, farms and businesses of more than half a million customers, is currently conducting pole testing throughout its service territory to ensure reliability for its customers. Maintaining electrical distribution poles and wires in a safe and reliable manner is one of the most important activities FortisAlberta undertakes. It ensures the facilities that transport the electricity to our customers is in good order and that they will continue to deliver reliable service. “Every year we test and maintain the poles on 1/7th of the distribution system, which is approximately 150,000 poles,” says Scott Williams, Manager, Asset Management. “It is a large undertaking, but we know how valuable those assets are and want to ensure the longevity and the continued safe and reliable operation of the system for our customers.”
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  • Watch to find out what type of light bulb is the most efficient

    May 25, 2017, 14:49 PM by Jen Cain
    The phasing out of incandescent light bulbs across our country suggests that compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs are the more efficient alternatives, but how much more efficient are they? Which is the biggest Energy Hog and which consumes the least energy? As we are always looking for ways to help you save energy at home we put three types of light bulbs to the test. LED vs. CFL vs. Incandescent were compared over an eight-hour period, and the results will speak for themselves.
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  • FortisAlberta responds to mass outages caused by high winds across Alberta

    May 24, 2017, 22:43 PM by Jen Cain
    In response to a major storm that has occurred in the province today, customers across the FortisAlberta service area have experienced outages caused by high winds and trees falling on lines. In response to this event, FortisAlberta deployed more than 300 Power Line Technicians to make repairs and restore power in affected areas. ​ “In times of major storm events like this, we’re able to quickly pull resources from other service points from across the province to join in the restoration efforts,” says Cam Aplin, Vice President, Operations. “So far, crews have done a great job of battling the elements, keeping themselves and the public safe and restoring power to as many customers as possible.” ​
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  • FortisAlberta recognized as top safety performer amongst Fortis group of companies

    Apr 12, 2017, 08:34 AM by Jen Cain
    Cam Aplin, Vice President, Operations, attended a semi-annual Fortis Operating Group (FOG) meeting where FortisAlberta was formally recognized as the Top Safety Performer in 2016 amongst the Fortis group of companies. In its first year, this award will continue to be presented annually to the Fortis company that achieves the lowest all injury frequency rate (AIFR). In 2016, FortisAlberta boasted an AIFR of 0.59, which also ranks us among the top five in comparable utilities in the Canadian Electricity Association. “This is an excellent achievement and again recognizes the great progress our employees have made in getting us closer to our Mission ZERO goal,” says Cam. “It is great to be recognized amongst all the Fortis companies across North America and the Caribbean.” Our 2016 AIFR result marked a return to the trend in declining incident rates that FortisAlberta has experienced since 2010.
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  • Warning to customers about telephone scam

    Mar 9, 2017, 15:51 PM by Kevin Haslebeck
    There have been reports from some customers who have received fraudulent phone calls from individuals claiming to be calling from Canadian Collective Services. These individuals advise that their call is in regards to a bad debt account that FortisAlberta has sent to them. Please be advised that this is a scam and there are several similar scams happening across North America. Do not provide these individuals with any of your personal information.
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  • Our employees help "freeze the house" for families

    Feb 9, 2017, 10:44 AM by Jen Cain
    FortisAlberta employees have been longtime supporters of the Central Alberta Ronald McDonald House in Red Deer. From Feb. 3 - 5, six employees stepped up once again for this great cause by participating in the annual Freeze the House Charity Bonspiel at the Pidherney Curling Centre in Red Deer. The team competed hard in three tightly contested games. “This is the primary fundraiser for the House and the donations were very generous,” says Ron, one of our Design Specialists/Technologists. “FortisAlberta has been one of the sponsors for this bonspiel since its inception six years ago, and I’m proud to be part of this fundraiser that helps provide a home away from home for families with children receiving vital medical treatment in Red Deer.” Ron is also among several employees who volunteer at the House to prepare warm meals for the families on FortisAlberta's designated day each month. Great job guys!
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  • Welcome to our Crowsnest Pass customers

    Dec 21, 2016, 15:11 PM by Jen Cain
    FortisAlberta would like to welcome Crowsnest Pass as we begin the operation of the electric system that brings electricity to all of the homes and businesses in your community. You may have already seen us around your community as we prepared for this transition. This work included the installation of a new meter that will allow us to provide an accurate read of your power consumption. Through our automated system this information is conveyed to your retailer*/billing company each month, which will greatly reduce the need for us to access your property for physical meter reads. Our mission is to provide your community with safe and reliable electricity service. This means that our goal is to reduce the frequency of power outages and, in those cases where the lights do go out, we will work hard to get the power restored safely and efficiently. As a customer of FortisAlberta, you will benefit from the technology we offer through our Control Centre located in Airdrie, where we can monitor the entire system from one central location. As Albertans, we understand the impact that adverse weather can have on the power system. In the event of a severe weather situation, we have Power Line Technicians ready to mobilize whenever they are needed.
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  • FortisAlberta employee rescues school bus passengers near Stony Plain

    Dec 9, 2016, 14:26 PM by Jen Cain
    At approximately 6:45 a.m., Friday, Dec. 9, a FortisAlberta employee happened upon an accident scene near Stony Plain involving a school bus and a power pole. The pole was broken at the base and rested on the school bus. Understanding the severity of the scene, John Hrasko, FortisAlberta Field and Metering Technologist took immediate action. John knew that first he needed to ensure that the passengers remained on the bus. When contact with a power line takes place, the object that has made contact may be energized and the ground surrounding the vehicle can also be energized within a 10 metre radius. By exiting or approaching the vehicle a person can be electrocuted. Once John knew the passengers understood the importance of remaining inside, he immediately called the FortisAlberta Control Centre to advise them of the situation and to contact 911.
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  • What’s your Energy Hog?

    Nov 29, 2016, 15:31 PM by Jen Cain
    We want to help you save energy at home! Watch our Energy Hog video below and send us a photo or a video of an appliance or electronic in your home that uses a lot of energy and you will be entered into a draw for a chance to win energy efficiency prizes. Each month, we will award three participants with an energy efficiency prize to help them conserve energy at home. There are a variety of prizes up for grabs including LED dimmable light bulbs, sensor lights, flashlights, reading lights, toaster ovens, fleece blankets, insulated shopping bags and much more.
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  • Frosty morning causes outages in central Alberta

    Nov 25, 2016, 11:13 AM by Jen Cain
    Yesterday FortisAlberta experienced outages in the Central/Eastern part of our service territory as a result of heavy frost and galloping lines. Approximately 1,850 customers were without power in pockets off Hwy 13, east of Camrose and larger outages affected the Wainwright and Provost areas. ​ Approximately 60 Power Line Technicians were mobilized from other areas to assist with restoration, and power was fully restored by the evening. The System Operators and Dispatch also had full hands on deck monitoring affected areas. ​
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  • FortisAlberta renews its partnership with STARS

    Nov 25, 2016, 10:47 AM by Jen Cain
    FortisAlberta announced the renewal of its partnership with STARS with a donation of $400,000 over the next five years, bringing our total contribution to more than 1.7 million dollars. This will also mark a twenty year partnership, making FortisAlberta the longest standing corporate partner of STARS. Something that we are very proud of! ​ On Wednesday, Nov. 16, FortisAlberta employees in Airdrie celebrated with representatives from STARS including Andrea Robertson, President and CEO and Jean-François Bussières, a STARS VIP (very important patient) who shared his very moving rescue story.
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  • Holy Spirit School celebrates new playground

    Nov 16, 2016, 14:34 PM by Jen Cain
    On Nov. 9, Ken Rakai, our Area Foreman in Cochrane was invited to Holy Spirit School to celebrate the grand opening of their new playground! Holy Spirit School was one of the lucky recipients of FortisAlberta’s $2,500 Safety Star grants and used the funds to upgrade their playground. Appropriately named ‘Green Dreams Everybody Park,’’ it was designed with special details allowing children with disabilities to enjoy. The playground design also incorporated recycled materials, from posts made of plastic milk jugs to a floor of recycled tires.
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  • October is Energy Awareness Month – enter our ‘Energy Hog’ contest!

    Sep 30, 2016, 13:30 PM by Jen Cain
    October is National Energy Awareness month and we want to help you save energy. Tell us what you’ll be doing this month to conserve energy, and help the environment, and you’ll be entered in weekly draws for a chance to win energy efficiency prizes. Each week we will award five participants with a prize to help them conserve energy at home. In order to participate, you must be part of FortisAlberta’s service territory. There are a variety of prizes up for grabs including fleece velour blankets, LED dimmable light bulbs, flashlights, reading lights, and much more.
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  • PLTs’ compassion and creativity help save young hawk

    Sep 8, 2016, 11:07 AM by Jen Cain
    Earlier this summer, two of our Power Line Technicians, Jon and Zach, were responding to a power outage in Taber when they discovered the cause: Ferruginous hawks had built a nest within a transformer bank and must have contacted energized components. Upon arriving at the structure, the linemen were unsure of the extent of the damage, including the impact on the nest’s occupants. “Mama hawk was flying around and we weren’t too fond of getting dive bombed while climbing the pole, so we came up with a safer alternative to see what had happened up in the nest,” says Zach.
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  • FortisAlberta employees earn 2016 Volunteer Friendly Business Award

    Sep 7, 2016, 11:23 AM by Jen Cain
    As part of their National Volunteer Week celebration, the St. Albert Community Information and Volunteer Centre presented FortisAlberta with a Volunteer Friendly Business Award. The Award recognizes St. Albert businesses for their contributions and raises awareness regarding the volunteer sector in the City of St. Albert. Our employees volunteer each year at the International Children’s Festival in St. Albert to set up and take down the large event tents. The Company also supports the Green Team, a group of volunteers that keep the festival site clean and free of debris, as well as paper making workshops, where students learn to make paper from recycled scraps. “The FortisAlberta team in St. Albert are long-time Children’s Festival supporters. In addition to vital financial support, they provide electrical expertise, equipment and staff support that all contribute to the safety and accessibility of the Children’s Festival site. Thank you Dora and FortisAlberta for your generous and ongoing support for the International Children’s Festival,” says Glennis Kennedy, Director, Volunteer Centre Services. Now celebrating 35 years in northern Alberta, the International Children’s Festival is one of North America’s longest running and biggest children’s festivals. This magical five-day festival transforms downtown St. Albert, where art, culture and education are only limited to your imagination. Artists and performers from around the world gather to create one-of-a-kind artistic masterpieces offering a truly unique family experience. FortisAlberta would like to congratulate the St. Albert team for their valuable contribution in their community!
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  • FortisAlberta responds to several outages following severe wind storm

    Aug 23, 2016, 14:32 PM by Jen Cain
    On the evening of Aug. 22, storms with high winds and, in some cases, heavy rain tore through several of the communities we serve. Trees on lines and wires down impacted nearly 2,000 customers. The hardest hit areas included Olds, Sundre, Rocky Mountain House, Westlock, Barrhead and Drayton Valley. View Global News’ coverage mentioning our restoration efforts at this Sundre campground. As a result of the weather and associated outages, FortisAlberta declared a Level 1 storm event. On Monday evening, crews in these areas were able to reduce the number of outages by about half, with some customers remaining off overnight. Power Line Technicians from other service points were brought in to help get the power on safely and as quickly as possible. “The weather made for a wild evening, but everyone, from the Customer Service
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  • System reliability improvement project in Okotoks and area wraps up

    Aug 22, 2016, 13:15 PM by Jen Cain
    The High River crew has been busy over the past two years improving the system in the Okotoks, Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Priddis, Red Deer Lake and Millarville areas. In 2014, it was identified as an area that required more than the normally scheduled maintenance due to the number of outages that occurred during storms and with trees contacting power lines. In the spring of 2015, we launched n extensive tree trimming and clearing project. Reliability was improved considerably and hardware upgrades continued into 2016. The work was coordinated in a way that minimized any necessary outages; this included changing power poles, wires and relocating some power lines to more accessible locations. We were cognizant of keeping customers informed of the project as we moved through the project. Kris Andres, Area Manager, comments, "The brushing work that we performed in 2015 paid off this year as we have seen a decrease in outages even during a very active storm season. Since then, we've completed the hardware improvements and we're wrapping up ahead of schedule in mid-August. I'm happy to report that we've received excellent customer feedback as a result."
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  • 4-H members enjoy the great outdoors

    Aug 17, 2016, 08:24 AM by Jen Cain
    FortisAlberta is proud to support 4-H Alberta’s summer camping program. These camps provide members with an opportunity to explore healthy living and the great outdoors. Kids ages nine to 13 are given the opportunity to participate in the camping program at a junior, combined or intermediate level. This year more than 700 4-H members took part. The camping program supports FortisAlberta’s vision to invest in organizations that align with our focus on safety, education and the environment. The Company donates $22,000 each year to support 4-H Programs. In addition to the Camping Program, we also support the Community Cares contest, recognizing four clubs with a $1,000 grant for working to improve their communities, the Work Bee Clean-Up Weekend at their Centre in Westerose and the Annual Leaders Conference. 4-H programs focus on developing self-confidence, teamwork, interpersonal and leadership skills. They encourage youth to take ownership of their future while also allowing them to find their own entrepreneurial spirit and take pride in their achievements. Watch the video below for a look at what the 4-H summer camping program is all about!
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